Meet Our Graduates

Commercial Driver School™ is happy to introduce you to some of our many graduates who completed enrolled one or more of our CDL training classes. Like you, they recognized that a commercial drivers' license (CDL) would open the door to the many local and/or regional job opportunities that exist in the trucking industry today.
So, please take a moment to learn more about their experiences at Commercial Driver School™ and what they've been doing since they graduated.


Bruce Beaver CDS Truck School Graduate

Bruce Baever, a recent Auburn campus graduate, stopped by today to let us know he was hired on with UPS!!! Way to go Bruce!
Erik Adkins CDS Truck School Graduate

Eric Adkins, a recent Port Orchard graduate is working with Small and Sons in Tacoma. Congratulations Eric!
Aaron Murphy CDS Truck School Graduate

Aaron Murphy, a recent Auburn campus graduate, stopped by last week to let us know he was hired on with Becker and loves it.

Lawrence Goings Standing Next To His Brand New 2015 Truck He Drives For KKW Trucking. He Received His Training From CDS Truck School.

Lawrence Goings, a recent Auburn graduate, stopped by to see us and show off his brand new 2015 truck. He is really enjoying his new job with KKW Trucking!
Aaron Watts A Recent Graduate From CDS Truck School With His New Pac Modal Truck.

Aaron Watts, a recent Port Orchard graduate, sent us this picture of him with his truck. He is driving for Pac Modal and loving it. Super proud of you Aaron. Thank you for the picture.
Amada Garcia A Recent CDS Truck School Graduate Is Standing Next To Her Cal Portland Cement Mixer Truck She Is Now Driving

Amanda Garcia, a recent Port Orchard graduate, took a selfie of herself in front of her Cal Portland cement mixer truck. She was hired before even finishing the CDL program. She says she is living the dream and absolutely loving her job..

Tim Saur, a recent Lakewood graduate with his Woodland Industries truck. He stopped by first thing this morning on his way to a work site where he demolished a house with an excavator! He says "It's always exciting working with Woodland Industries!"
Oscar De Vega Standing Next To One Of The Trucks He Drives For DirTec. He Received His Training From CDS Truck School.

Congrats to Oscar De Vega on his new job with DirTec! The construction/ paving industry is booming right now and companies are always looking to hire dump truck and mixer truck drivers. Oscar took advantage of this opportunity and landed a great job!
Jessie Taylor Standing Next To Her Lakeridge Paving Co. Dump She Drives After The Training She Completed With CSD Truck School.

Jessie Taylor and her Lakeridge Paving Co. truck! Way to go Jessie!

Chad Sullivan Standing Next To The Trans-System Inc Truck He Drives. Chad Received His Commerical Drivers License After The Training He Received From CDS -Comerical Driving School, Auburn, WA

Chad Sullivan, a recent Lakewood graduate emailed us this photo with him and his Trans-Systems, Inc. truck. He is thrilled to run their refrigerated I-5 corridor route while still enjoying tons of home time with his family.
Kenneth Westbrooks A Recent CDS Graduate Drives A Dump Truck For Hands Lawn Care & Services Inc.

Kenneth Westbrook, a recent Port Orchard graduate, came by with his dump truck. He's driving for Hand's Lawn Care & Service, Inc. and loving every minute of his new local job!
Jim Cho Another CDS Graduate From Their Lakewood Campus Is Standing Next To His Werner Enterprise Truck.

Jim Cho recently graduated from our Lakewood campus, and just started working for Werner Enterprises. Way to go, Jim!

Michael Bender Standing Next To The Old Dominion Truck He Drives After Getting His Commerical Drivers License With The Training He Received Through CDS -Comerical Driving School, Auburn, WA

After graduating from Commercial Driver School™, Marine veteran, Michael Bender, applied for his first job and was hired right away by a local company, Old Dominion. Now Michael is making great money and is happy to Be Home Every Night™.
James Bakken A CDS Graduate Pointing To The Truck He Drives With His New Job

James Bakken, a recent Auburn graduate, sent us this selfie with his Reddaway truck. Congratulations, James!
Commercial Driver School Graduate Jean Wood Standing Next To The Truck She Drives.

Another amazing Commercial Driver School™ Grad loving her new job, Jean Wood, is now working for RE Mills Transportation. Nice rig and great job, Jean! It's wonderful to see you working and having fun! We need more Ladies at the wheel!