Insulation Course

Insulation Installer Course

Would you be interested in a Real Job with High Pay and Great Benefits?

If so, call today (253) 300-8373. Classroom space in limited. Our next class starts on April 1, 2019. This class is VA and WorkSource approved.

Immediately upon completing a comprehensive 6-week course of specialized training and education in the construction industry, most qualified installers earn between $52,000 and $75,000 per year with great benefits…this could be you.

The Course:

Six weeks of instruction split between the classroom and hands-on real life installation in our facility.

Instructors are industry experts and leaders in the field of insulation, with backgrounds in the courses they teach.

Certificates available include Jobsite Safety, CPR, First-Aid, Defensive Driver course, OSHA 30, Lift/Scaffolding and an in-depth study of the Northwest Energy Code, along with several other opportunities.


Expert instructors guide you while helping you understand the basics of construction. You will be taught hands-on how to properly install insulation on a jobsite and be hirable immediately upon completion of the course.

Pay and Benefits:

The average qualified insulation installer in our region has a starting wage of $20 per hour. Within 1 year, you could be earning $25 per hour. The average person with 2 years’ experience commonly makes $30+ an hour (all dependent upon individual performance).

Most of the region’s insulation companies offer their employees generous benefits such as two to four weeks of paid vacation, medical/dental insurance, continuing education and much more.

Call today (253) 300-8373, to begin your high pay, high benefits career as an insulation installer.

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