Not everyone knows how the trucking industry plays a vital role in economic growth. Nevertheless, CDL truck drivers are necessary for not only economic growth, but the modern marketplace’s ability to exist at all. Without professional truck drivers, none of the other facets of the global or local economies could function.

Professional truck drivers move about three-quarters of the total freight tonnage shipped throughout the United States. Truck drivers transport the vast majority of both consumer and commercial goods from point A to point B. Truckers deliver over 10 billion tons of freight in the U.S. each year. Eighty percent of American communities need truck drivers to provide everyday packages.

Delivery services are experiencing even more demand through the broader use of cartage companies. These companies have grown a few percentage points in each quarter of the past few years. Truck driver shortages across the country are impacting the rate of growth, but the role of the trucking industry in economic growth has never been more significant. There is hardly an area of the economy that trucking does not impact.

Every product and service that everyone uses is made available to us by truck drivers. Even as new methods of shipping evolve and new technology like driving assistance and renewable energy continue to develop, trucking is still a mainstay of the American and world economies. As the economy continues to march along, the trucking industry will continue to play a vital role in its growth.

Source: Fremont Contract Carries, 2018

  • Excellent place to learn how to drive trucks. Every teacher cares about you and wants you to come away with a license and a job! They hosted a job fair and I was able to see all the local companies that were interested in finding drivers. It was more than I expected! Highly recommend!
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  • CDS is a great school to learn how to drive a commercial vehicle. CDS was completely worth it and really got me prepared to go into the work force! The office personnel and instructors couldn't have been more helpful and fun to be around. Highly recommend this school!
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    My first couple of days driving I as really concerned about my career choice, but the instructors did an excellent job of patiently teaching me. I am completely satisfied with CDS, best career decision of my life!
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